Not feeling too optimistic with vaping at the moment

Posted: March 2, 2015 in My ramblings

I’m sorry but I have to add my tuppenceworth worth here, I have been vaping now for nearly two years and the very first day I started vaping was the last time I smoked a cigarette, I never intended to give up but it happened that way by accident, so as far as I am concerned, I am a non smoker, I do not smoke, I do not use tobacco in any form, I am a vaper to stop me relapsing back to smoking cigarettes.
So why then do I have to be for people who don’t want to stop smoking, I know it’s a THR thing and the freedom to choose etc, but they made their choices and good luck to them, I have moved away from smoking, I do not wish to be ex-communicated to vape where the smokers go, is that not a sure way to get back into the smoking again, smokers have had plenty of chance to go the vaping route, but a lot choose not to, fair enough, but stop this them and us attitude that is appearing now, I made my choice, I am not a smoker, I do not smoke, and I do not wish to be called a smoker, If you haven’t made the change and leave it any longer, you will be shit out of luck and pretty soon it will all be taken away and it will be too late make the switch.

It is all well and good for a concerted push to get people involved in advocacy, I have been doing what I can by writing to my MP, signing all the petitions, joining in with twitter bombs and sharing stuff, doing as much as I can, but I’m sorry to tell you that a lot of smokers/vapers are not interested in going to those extremes and keep their head down, where I may ask have all the vendors been in this fight, fucking nowhere to be seen until recently, too busy making money to worry about all this and the TPD, and now every day a new ban crops up somewhere or other, they are starting to worry, but it is still only a few, most of the science studies done to date have been paid for by the consumers by crowd funding, where was the vendor contributions, a bit late to the party now it is all under threat.

Vaping is not smoking and nowhere near close, it is two separate activities and should be treated as such, but the ANTZ,PH,TC,BP, and all the puritans are trying their level best to get vaping treated as smoking because then all the existing laws already in place for smoking will automatically apply, to keep vaping away from tobacco and draught new legislation on its own merits is going to be nigh on impossible, they keep saying we don’t have enough studies to make a decision about vaping yet, so, ok, what the fuck was the Cochrane report all about then, isn’t that a study of available studies into the vaping world and found there was no concerns, but that is being totally ignored by the ANTZ et al, and every day somewhere somebody is proposing a ban or new bill against vaping, the advocates are being overwhelmed and finding it hard compete with, I must admit I am getting fed of of seeing the same old stories from both sides being regurgitated in the media, facebook, twatter and such.

We said it was safer than smoking, but we were stopped from claiming that because it’s akin to making a health claim, every Ecig tv advert garnishes dozens of complaints which get upheld and taken down except the cigalikes, we said we save a load of money as opposed to buying tobacco, and they are looking at taxation, what ever we seem to do is met with more than we can handle and it seems as if we are losing this fight, are the courts going to be on our side particularly with the likes of the Tottally Wicked case, I’m not so sure, the TPD has already been passed as law and member governments have no option but to implement it as written, look at what is going on in Denmark, local governments cant change anything, and going by Great Britain’s past track record with European laws, we are feckin stuffed,

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